Very Important Pussy

We had a super loose crew with us, and they sure as hell let us know it. Lilith Lust (a.k.a. Rainia Belle) and her fire red hair took center stage, and put on a performance we all loved to watch. Michelle and her sexy Latina body was an awesome addition for the guys and girls to pleasure. They set the scene with their action which spread quickly to the others. Tony and Tyler were in full fuck mode as they dove into anything that got in the way of their cocks. Most of the girls were practically tossing themselves at them, so they didn’t really have to try. Our VIP parties are always the best because of that one reason. The girls always make the party happen with their big smiles and slamming bodies. There was a nice selection of natural tits and big asses that night. As always there were the real party girls that left the panties at home. They knew what kind of party they were going to, so the pretty pussies were out to play.

Very Important Pussy starring Lilith Lust

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Bossy Breast

Lilith Lust (a.k.a. Rainia Belle) was expecting the arrival of a few important clients at her home. She went around her house making sure that everything was tidy when she spotted the pool boy swimming in the pool instead of cleaning it. The pool boy was startled when he saw his big tit boss standing poolside. Rainia reprimanded her employee, and after his feeble attempts to justify his laziness, she told him to go inside. She was about to fire him, but she reconsidered when he said that he would do anything to keep his job. Rainia immediately opened her blouse and smothered the pool boy’s face with her massive melons. Rainia took his hard cock for an exceptional ride and then demanded that he glaze her beautiful tits with his jizz. She ultimately fired the pool boy but then hired him as her personal fuck toy.

Bossy Breast starring Lilith Lust

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